Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner

As principal of Randolph County Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone to an exciting and productive year. We are excited to have students back in our classrooms filled with energy and a thirst for learning. We aim to ensure every child feels welcomed, connected, and safe. Additionally, we strive to challenge each student to grow in academic ability and be ready for college and career opportunities. At Randolph County Elementary, we have committed coaches and teachers who spend countless hours planning and creating classroom activities to engage our students in learning. Our teachers implement evidence-based practices and analyze academic data to set learning goals and meet the individual needs of our students. All students should leave Randolph County Elementary reading, writing, speaking, and problem-solving on grade level and be prepared for the demands of middle school.

We also remain committed to ongoing communication with our stakeholders. Our website is helpful and informative. You can access the school calendar, events, academic information, and family resources on our site. Additionally, Randolph County Elementary uses ClassTag to communicate with families. Stakeholders can also find helpful information on our Facebook Page, such as important dates, reminders, and PBIS and student of the Month celebrations.

I am blessed to serve as the principal of Randolph County Elementary. It is my privilege to be a part of an equity-driven district where families, teachers, and staff are inclusive members of the community aimed at fostering positive relationships and academic excellence.  Please feel free to contact me at 229.317.1729.

Let’s make this year our best year!


Best regards,

Mrs. Heather Melton, Principal

Traci Price

Mrs. Heather Melton